Camino de Santiago 2016

Every single one of us possesses the strength to attempt something he isn't sure he can accomplish. It can be running a mile, or a 10 k race, or 100 miles. It can be changing a career, losing 5 lbs., or telling someone you love her (or him).
-- Scott Jurek

Old age is the time to be dangerous. Dangerously fun loving, dangerously alive . . . This is the time to do every single thing we can possibly do with all the life we can bring to it. This is the time to live with an edge, with strength, with abandon. There is nothing for which to save our energy. Now it is simply time to spend time well.
-- Joan Chittister

Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 17 Carrion de los Condes to Moratinos

It was a long day - 18 miles - but at least not as hot as it has been.  Plus I knew that at the end of the day I was staying at a great little family owned Casa rural. 


First sun. 
The Meseta seems to go on forever.  First stretch today was 10 miles without a hint of village or water. 


Last hill before home, a beer, a shower and food. In that order. 

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