Camino de Santiago 2016

Every single one of us possesses the strength to attempt something he isn't sure he can accomplish. It can be running a mile, or a 10 k race, or 100 miles. It can be changing a career, losing 5 lbs., or telling someone you love her (or him).
-- Scott Jurek

Old age is the time to be dangerous. Dangerously fun loving, dangerously alive . . . This is the time to do every single thing we can possibly do with all the life we can bring to it. This is the time to live with an edge, with strength, with abandon. There is nothing for which to save our energy. Now it is simply time to spend time well.
-- Joan Chittister

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Four New Pieces

It Takes a Village
 Finally got around to taking pictures of some of my new pieces.  Still obsessing about Africa and three of these are certainly so inspired.  it Takes A Village is composed of linens and cottons on a linen background.  Each square is assembled with fusing and hand sewing, and each is embellished with a bone bead.  The finished piece is 21.5 x 29". 

The Gathering is also linens and cottons.  Some of the squares were fused to strips.  Each strip was hand sewn and several of the strips are embellished with various beads.  The piece is 18.5 x 25".

Desert Jewels is composed of 28 1" hand beaded medallions sewn on linen. 

The inspiration for Down Canyon came from southwestern canyon formations.  It is also composed of linens and cottons and each square is embellished with tiny pieces of coral and agate.  it is 25" x 25".

Desert Jewels

      The Gathering