Camino de Santiago 2016

Every single one of us possesses the strength to attempt something he isn't sure he can accomplish. It can be running a mile, or a 10 k race, or 100 miles. It can be changing a career, losing 5 lbs., or telling someone you love her (or him).
-- Scott Jurek

Old age is the time to be dangerous. Dangerously fun loving, dangerously alive . . . This is the time to do every single thing we can possibly do with all the life we can bring to it. This is the time to live with an edge, with strength, with abandon. There is nothing for which to save our energy. Now it is simply time to spend time well.
-- Joan Chittister

Monday, February 28, 2011


I love the black and white of zebras and decided to see if I could do it. I studied pictures of Zebras only to find the black has shades of gray and the white, shades of gray and tan. Here's what I came up with. The piece is about 6 1/2" x 6 1/2". I had it professionally framed.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your work. This is another amazing piece that merits a close study of your beady technique.